Introducing a New Series by PAI and BBC Storyworks

In the past year, AI has captured the public interest – new tools have made this once mysterious technology more accessible than ever and consumers and businesses alike are eager to adopt and use AI. But what does the public really know about artificial intelligence: its potential applications, the multifaceted ecosystem that supports it, and the extent to which it is already a part of our daily lives?

To help answer these questions, Partnership on AI is developing a digital branded series, produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions and launching in 2024. It will aim to demystify artificial intelligence for global audiences, highlighting the work that underpins it and showcasing some of its most impactful, positive applications.

“The idea is to cut through the noise, look beyond the hype, and look at really how AI is going to change and evolve.”

Jatin Aythora
Director of BBC Research and Development
Vice Chair of the PAI Board

The series will step back from the whirlwind of incremental advances and new product releases, instead offering an in-depth exploration of how it’s being used. Throughout, it will aim to tell the human story of AI – showcasing those developing and steering it into a future where its effects are transformational and for the benefit of people.

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