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PAI Submits Response to NIST’s Request for Information on AI Risk Management Framework

PAI Staff Oct 01, 2021
Demographic Data
Knowing the Risks: A Necessary Step to Using Demographic Data for Algorithmic Fairness

Sarah Villeneuve, McKane Andrus Sep 28, 2021
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Why Is There So Little Diversity in AI? We Asked the People Who Left.

Jeffrey Brown Sep 08, 2021
Responsible Sourcing Across the Data Supply Line
Responsible Sourcing of Data Enrichment Services

Sonam Jindal Jun 16, 2021
Audience Explanations
Fact-Checks, Info Hubs, and Shadow-Bans: A Landscape Review of Misinformation Interventions

Emily Saltz, Claire Leibowicz Jun 14, 2021
Audience Explanations
From Deepfakes to TikTok Filters: How Do You Label AI Content?

PAI Staff May 21, 2021
AI and Shared Prosperity Initiative
PAI Launches New Phase of Cooperative Initiative to Share Prosperity of AI With All Communities

PAI Staff May 17, 2021
Local News
Partnership on AI Awarded Knight Foundation Grant to Support Local News

PAI Staff May 13, 2021
Operationalizing AI Ethics Through Documentation: ABOUT ML in 2021 and Beyond

Christine Custis Apr 14, 2021
Audience Explanations
Labeling Misinformation Isn’t Enough. Here’s What Platforms Need to Do Next.

Claire Leibowicz, Emily Saltz Mar 11, 2021
PAI Begins Strategic 5-Year Review and Requests Partner Input

Rebecca Finlay, Eric Horvitz Mar 11, 2021
Challenges for Responsible AI Practitioners and the Importance of Solidarity

Bogdana Rakova Mar 08, 2021