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AI and Shared Prosperity Initiative
What Workers Say About Workplace AI: In Conversation With PAI’s Stephanie Bell

PAI Staff May 26, 2022
New Partners Bring Diversity of Expertise to Partnership on AI

PAI Staff May 11, 2022
Synthetic and Manipulated Content
PAI Developing Ethical Guidelines for Synthetic Media

Claire Leibowicz Mar 10, 2022
Local News
How Will AI Change Local News in the Next 5 Years?

Claire Leibowicz, Adriana Stephan Jan 28, 2022
Envisioning the Next 5 Years in AI: Our December Partners Event

PAI Staff Jan 14, 2022
Synthetic and Manipulated Content
How to Share the Tools to Spot Deepfakes (Without Breaking Them)

Claire Leibowicz, Adriana Stephan, Sam Gregory Jan 13, 2022
Advancing Responsible AI Practices in Fintech: Partnership on AI Welcomes Its Newest Partner, Intuit

PAI Staff Jan 12, 2022
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Attrition in AI: What Can Your Organization Do About It?

Jeffrey Brown Dec 16, 2021
Demographic Data
Shedding Light on the Trade-offs of Using Demographic Data for Algorithmic Fairness

Sarah Villeneuve, McKane Andrus, Hudson Hongo Dec 08, 2021
Welcoming New Team Members and Roles at PAI

PAI Staff Dec 08, 2021
Content Targeting and Ranking
If We Want Platforms to Think Beyond Engagement, We Have to Know What We Want Instead

Claire Leibowicz, Connie Moon Sehat, Adriana Stephan, Jonathan Stray Nov 10, 2021
Rebecca Finlay named as CEO: A Letter from Eric Horvitz, Chair of the Board of Directors

PAI Staff Oct 26, 2021