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AI and Shared Prosperity Initiative
Drawing From Worker Insights to Chart a Better Path for Workplace AI

Stephanie Bell Sep 28, 2022
Partnership on AI Welcomes Prominent New Directors With Expertise in Public Policy and Technology

PAI Staff Sep 15, 2022
New Leadership Appointments Strengthen Partnership on AI’s Programs, Research, and Policy Capabilities

PAI Staff Sep 08, 2022
Distinguished International Leaders in Responsible AI and Tech Equity join Partnership on AI Board

PAI Staff Aug 18, 2022
Publication Norms for Responsible AI
How AI Conferences Can Foster a Responsible Research Culture

PAI Staff Aug 03, 2022
Updated bylaws expand size and grow diversity of voices on Board

PAI Staff Jul 18, 2022
Synthetic and Manipulated Content
PAI Seeks Public Comment on the Synthetic Media Code of Conduct

Claire Leibowicz Jul 11, 2022
Making It Easier to Compare the Tools for Explainable AI

Surya Karunagaran Jun 30, 2022
Urgent need for the international AI community to focus on privacy protection following today’s U.S. Supreme…

PAI Staff Jun 24, 2022
Local News
Local Newsrooms Should Adopt AI Ethics as They Adopt AI: 5 Recommendations

Claire Leibowicz, Adriana Stephan Jun 16, 2022
Explainable AI in Practice
Studying AI Explanations to Improve Healthcare for Underserved Communities

Ana Lucic Jun 14, 2022
Partnership on AI Awarded Funding from Moore Foundation to Explore Ethical AI in Healthcare

PAI Staff Jun 01, 2022