• Past Event

Advanced Research Directions in AI for Science and Security

July 26, 2022
8:00am PST 11:00am EST4:00pm GMT
July 28, 2022
3:00pm PST 6:00pm EST11:00pm GMT
Davis, CA

Hosted by the University of California, Davis (MSI)

Co-organized by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

This workshop tackled two of six identified research areas: AI for Advanced Property Inference and Inverse Design, and Foundational AI for Scientific Knowledge Discovery, Integration and Synthesis. In addition, the workshop covered cross-cutting research and infrastructure subtopics such as data management, Al hardware architectures, Al software frameworks, foundational mathematics for Al, and large-scale Al workflows, to determine the priority research topics, advanced research directions, and high-level investments needed for DOE to lead the world in the development and use of Al for Science and Security.

PAI’s Dr. Tina Park hosted a plenary talk on confronting (un)conscious bias in AI.

PAI Representative

Tina M. Park

Head of Inclusive Research and Design