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Implementing ML Documentation on the Ground

Sep. 21, 2022
7:00am – 8:00am PST 3:00pm GMT10:00am EST


Documentation of machine learning systems has a number of benefits, from preserving practitioner knowledge to enabling inter-organizational accountability and fostering user trust. Earlier this year, the ABOUT ML team at the Partnership on AI worked with an organization to improve their current machine learning documentation practices through workshopping documentation best practices.  In this webinar, we share our learnings with the greater responsible AI community in hopes to help lower barriers to implementing documentation and build a larger community around ML documentation.

This webinar seeks to provide stakeholders with a better understanding of implementing ML documentation on the ground. Through a rich discussion with experts, this webinar aims to:

  1. Provide product managers, engineers, and c-suite executives with insight into the importance of ML documentation
  2. Highlight the business value of investing in ML documentation including costs for implementation and business adoption
  3. Discuss challenges an organization might face during implementation and potential solutions to overcome those challenges

For more information about the event, please contact Jiyoo Chang or Christine Custis.

Webinar Schedule

Timeline Content

5 min

Welcome & Introduction

20 min

Background on ABOUT ML Pilots and case study learnings

20 min

External speaker & interview

10 min


5 min

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