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Innovation@Work Asia: The role of AI, robotics and automation in shaping the future of work

Oct. 12, 2022
10:00am SST (Singapore) 6:00pm–1 PST
Oct. 14, 2022
3:15pm SST (Singapore) 11:15pm–1 PST

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Event Overview

Innovation@Work Asia 2022 will examine how stakeholders in the world of work have adapted to new workplace realities, how operations and practices have changed, and how the disruptions and innovations of the past two years have shaped society. Experts, business leaders and policymakers will discuss emerging trends, what fresh challenges and implications they pose for organizational life and performance, and what the future of work holds for people, technology and processes.

Fireside Chat

Many employers have looked to robotics and automation to fill labor gaps during and after the pandemic. Despite anecdotal accounts of its varied application across industries, trends appear to favor its increasing use. But can automation adequately and ultimately fill the growing labor gap given the demographic trends and other corresponding developments in Asia? Which industries and sectors are most likely to see this happen? What are the implications?

On October 12, join PAI’s Stephanie Bell, Susanne Bieller (International Federation of Robotics), and Michael Frank (Technology and geopolitics analyst and writer) for a fireside chat to discuss the role of AI, robotics and automation in shaping the future of work.


PAI Representative

Stephanie Bell

Chief Programs and Insights Officer