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KI Park TechTalk: chatGPT – the end of trust, or a new beginning?

Mar. 7, 2023
12:00pm – 1:00pm EST 9:00am PST5:00pm GMT

Organized by KI Park

KI Park accelerates AI innovations “made in Germany and Europe” with the goal of making Germany and the EU a globally leading innovation hub for AI by 2030.

Event Overview

The astonishing accessibility and sophistication of generative AI tools is outpacing our understanding of where content comes from and forcing us to establish new norms. In this TechTalk, panelists tease apart fact from fiction and provide an understanding of the inner workings and the true impact of this technology.


  • Claire Leibowicz, Head of AI and Media Integrity, Partnership on AI
  • Sebastian Hallensleben, Head of Digitalisation & AI, VDE e.V.
  • Emmanuel Kahembwe, Principal AI Architect, VDE e.V.
  • Michael Weber, Head of Quality Management, jameda

Watch the recorded panel below

PAI Representatives

Claire Leibowicz

Head of AI and Media Integrity