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NAIRR – Task Force Meeting – Panel Discussion

Apr. 8, 2022
3:40pm – 4:45pm EDT 11:40am PST7:40pm GMT

Organized by NAIRR

The National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource (NAIRR) Task Force was established to study the feasibility of, and develop a roadmap to implement, a National AI Research Resource. This resource is envisioned as an advanced cyberinfrastructure ecosystem that would democratize access to advanced computing resources, datasets, software services and educational tools, testbeds, and provide user support mechanisms.

Event Overview

The panel discussion will build on the Task Force’s prior consultations, including a prior panel discussion focused on the privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties requirements that should be considered in the design of the NAIRR. In the discussion, panelists will explore specific processes and tools for responsible AI research that the Task Force could consider for the NAIRR’s governance approach.

To attend the virtual meeting, please send your request for the virtual meeting link to cmessam@nsf.gov.

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PAI Representative

Christine Custis

Director of Programs and Research and Head of FTA & ABOUT ML