• Past Event

Paris Peace Forum

Nov. 11, 2022
10:00am CET 4:00am EST1:00am PST
Nov. 12, 2022
6:15pm CET 12:15pm EST9:15am PST

Organized by the Paris Peace Forum

In a world requiring more collective action, the Paris Peace Forum is a platform open to all seeking to develop coordination, rules, and capacities that answer global problems. Year-round support activities and an annual event in November help better organize our planet by convening the world, boosting projects, and incubating initiatives.

Event Overview

For the fifth consecutive year, the Paris Peace Forum gathered the most important actors in global governance on November 11 and 12. The 2022 event focused on Riding out the multicrisis and preventing a destructive world polarization that would jeopardize the collective efforts on many critical challenges for humanity.

PAI Representative

Stephanie Ifayemi

Head of Policy