• Past Event

SCSP – AI Governance Society Panel

Mar. 31, 2022
1:00pm – 3:30pm EST 10:00am PST6:00pm GMT

Organized by SCSP

The Special Competitive Studies Project (SCSP) is a bipartisan, non-profit initiative with a clear mission: to make recommendations to strengthen America’s long-term competitiveness for a future where artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies reshape our national security, economy, and society. SCSP wants to ensure that America is positioned and organized to win the techno-economic competition between now and 2030, the critical window for shaping the future.

Event Overview

The main goal of the SCSP panel meeting was to ensure the resiliency of democratic ideals in a new technology era and shape a robust and thriving American society. The panelists connected to identify gaps in current governance of AI-enabled decision systems and explore anticipatory capabilities.

PAI Representative

Christine Custis

Director of Programs and Research and Head of FTA & ABOUT ML