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Skoll Forum – Redesigning AI to Foster Job Quality and Shared Prosperity

Apr. 7, 2022
11:00am – 12:00pm EST 8:00am PST4:00pm GMT

Organized by Skoll World Forum

The 2022 Skoll World Forum is an all-virtual event designed for learning, connection, and taking action for those dedicated to social progress. The 2022 forum theme is “Face/Forward.” In this time of uncommon struggle, with painful truths revealed, we are learning from the past and moving collectively in the direction of progress. Together, we’ll face today’s challenges and advance the global solutions needed to bring people and planet into a thriving new era.

Event Overview

Artificial intelligence looks destined to displace jobs and degrade job quality – but we have the power to change that. What would AI that works for workers look like, and how can workers, companies & governments ensure AI creates shared prosperity for all? In this Skoll Forum session, PAI’s Stephanie Bell led a conversation around this difficult question.

PAI Representative

Stephanie Bell

Acting Director, Programs and Research and Senior Research Scientist