Our Funding

PAI relies on a multitude of funding sources to accomplish our goals

Our Funding Sources

PAI is an independent, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and funded by charitable contributions from philanthropy and corporate entities.


Our funding can be differentiated by the following types:

1. General operating funds

These funds support the work of the whole organization. Many philanthropic organizations choose to fund PAI in this way when our work and its intended impact align with their institutional vision.

2. Specific project funds

These funds support the work of specific projects at PAI. Through strategic program development, funders collaborate with PAI on a specific project with explicit outputs and outcomes.

3. Charitable contributions from our corporate partners

Corporate charitable contributions serve PAI as general operating support. These funds are legally classified as non-earmarked charitable contributions and not donations in exchange for goods or services, or quid pro quo contributions. This ensures our independence as an organization and in all areas of our work.