The content of the Guidelines was iteratively developed by PAI’s Labor and Economy team (Katya Klinova, Stephanie Bell, and Sonam Jindal) under comprehensive guidance of the AI and Shared Prosperity Initiative’s Steering Committee. We thank the Steering Committee members for their steadfast commitment to the work of the Initiative and their generosity in investing their time, expertise, and effort to advance this effort.

We thank the frontline workers in the US, India, and Sub-Saharan Africa whose participation centrally informed the content of the Guidelines. We are grateful to Andre Barbe and Albert Tanjaya for excellent research support, and to Hudson Hongo and Neil Uhl for their thought partnership, crucial editorial support, and user experience design. We thank all past and present PAI colleagues and Partners who enabled and supported the work of the Initiative from its inception. We thank Ed Bayes, Elaine Chang, and Christina Colclough, for reviewing early drafts of the Guidelines and providing valuable feedback.

We are grateful to the Ford Foundation’s Future of Work(ers) Program for financial support of the AI and Shared Prosperity Initiative, and personally to Ritse Erumi for valuable support and guidance.

The Guidelines build on the work of many exceptional scholars and advocates cited throughout this document. We are deeply grateful for their leadership.