Appendix B: Diverse Voices Process and Artifacts

Appendix B: Diverse Voices Process and Artifacts

  • Procurement Recruitment Email (below)
    • This is an example of a recruitment email I sent to a procurement professional. It’s on the formal end of the recruitment spectrum (cold emailing someone via their professional capacity) as opposed to more informal conversation you might have in person.
  • Rev
    • This is the transcription service we use.
    • Transcribed and summarized input provided to ABOUT ML team.
  • Diverse Voices Manual
    • This is a very thorough DV handbook put together by Bat, Lassana, and Meg on how to facilitate a Diverse Voices process from start to finish. It’s very helpful, especially in the synthesis phase!
  • Procurement Confirmation Email (below)
    • After confirming a time that worked for the most panelists, this is the email I sent to procurement panelists to confirm the details and share the document.

Procurement Recruitment Email

Procurement Recruitment Email

I am writing you on behalf of the Diverse Voices Project at the University of Washington’s Tech Policy Lab. We are convening an Expert Panel of people who procure IT systems for their organization and are inviting you to participate.

We are working with the Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (PAI) to provide feedback on a document that focuses on the development of machine learning systems. The document will provide companies with recommendations to improve transparency in machine learning. This is important because machine learning is used in many decision making processes including standardized school exams, criminal justice, facial recognition, and banking. PAI wants to make sure the document considers various perspectives. As part of that effort we are convening several Diverse Voices panels to provide feedback.

We believe that as someone who works in IT procurement you are in a position to provide valuable insights. We would like you to join us.

The process consists of the following steps:

  • Reading through the document from PAI (1 – 2 hours)
  • Attending a meeting to discuss how to improve the principles (2 hours)
  • Reviewing an updated version of the principles that includes comments and recommendations made during panel meeting (1 – 2 hours)

We are planning to meet toward the beginning of November. If you are interested in participating, we will send a poll to find out your availability and select a date that works for the most experts. Once a date has been selected we will send you the document to read.

Please note:

  • You don’t have to be a technologist to participate
  • You will receive an honorarium $200.00 for your time and feedback

Are you interested in participating? If you have any questions, comments or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask!

Thank you for your time!

Procurement Confirmation Email

Procurement Confirmation Email

The Procurement Expert Panel will be meeting on Friday, November 15 at 12:00 PM. The meeting will be held at UW School of Law (4293 Memorial Way Northeast, Seattle, WA 98195, Room: 222). We look forward to your attendance and feedback. If you need to contact us on the day of the meeting dial 206-685-8060.

Please read the attached ABOUT ML document with an eye toward surfacing issues related toward procurement professionals. As a reminder, the document focuses on the development of machine learning systems and will provide companies with recommendations to improve transparency in machine learning.

Feel free to print it, mark it up, write questions and make notes in the margins.

Things to think about as you read:

  • What are the weaknesses of the document?
  • What is wrong with the document?
  • What do you wish the document said?
  • What are things that can be done to improve weak parts of the document?
  • What are stories that could drive your points home?

We will be serving some light snacks and refreshments. If you have any dietary restrictions please let me know.

 Driving? We got you covered.

  • Go to UW Central Plaza Garage (entrance at 15th Ave NE and NE 41st St) and stop at the parking booth (gatehouse)
  • Provide the parking attendant with the parking code. The code for the panel meeting is “216334”
  • Park and display your permit face up and visible on your dash. Vehicles are subject to a citation if a permit is not visibly displayed.
  • Walk to Law School room 222 (about 5 minutes)

Please confirm that you have received this email.