This research is based on the reflections and comments of nearly 80 workers in India, sub-Saharan Africa, and the United States who work with AI every day in their jobs. Without the insights and stories they shared in the diary study and their interviews, this research would not have been possible. We thank them for sharing their time and expertise with us.

We appreciate the employees of the company who took an interest in the goals of this research and supported its execution by introducing us to their colleagues whose participation formed the sub-Saharan Africa site, as well as the professional firm which assisted us with recruiting participants at the India and United States sites. Each of them went above and beyond to ensure we were able to connect with people directly experiencing AI’s complex effects in their workplaces.

The members of the Steering Committee for Partnership on AI’s AI and Shared Prosperity Initiative shared their expertise and feedback on this research throughout the scoping, design, analysis, and writing process. Their astute contributions and detailed comments on earlier drafts have strengthened this work immensely. We are grateful for their guidance. We additionally appreciate Mary L. Gray for taking the time to share her valuable suggestions on early versions of our research questions.

We would also like to thank the Partnership on AI staff who championed this work and provided thoughtful feedback and ideas throughout the research and writing process: Andrea Cross, Christine Custis, Rebecca Finlay, Hudson Hongo, Sonam Jindal, Katya Klinova, Tina Park, and Neil Uhl.

Finally, we would like to thank the Ford Foundation, and the stewardship of Ritse Erumi in particular, as a generous funder of Partnership on AI’s AI and Shared Prosperity Initiative and of this research.