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Suggested Uses for Policymakers

After performing the High-Level Job Impact Assessment, consult our recommendations to help minimize the risks and maximize the opportunities to advance shared prosperity with AI.

We currently anticipate two primary ways in which the Guidelines can be used by policymakers, described below. If you have feedback, suggestions, or would like to explore using the Guidelines in your work, please get in touch.



Policymakers can integrate the Job Impact Assessment steps suggested by the Guidelines into existing or emerging standards, risk management frameworks, and conformity assessments to encourage AI-creating and AI-using organizations to assess and disclose their anticipated impacts on shared prosperity and abide by Responsible Practices suggested by the Guidelines. This can be done either as a part of “horizontal” or sectoral AI regulation or by making existing worker protection laws better fit the age of rapid adoption of AI throughout the economy.


Policymakers can perform the Job Impact Assessment Tool’s risk and opportunities analysis themselves to better identify the possible impacts of AI uses of interest on shared prosperity. Such analysis can be relevant in multiple contexts, including:

  • Considering the need for new regulation or modification of existing regulation in light of emergence of new uses of AI
  • Informing good jobs creation strategy at the local, regional, or state level
  • Making decisions about whether to provide tax breaks or other incentives to attract specific industries into the region with the goal of strengthening the local labor market
  • Ensuring sustainability of social protection mechanisms in the context of changing technological landscape, anticipating the pace and timing of increases in unemployment benefits claims, and declines in labor income tax revenue
For additional guidance on regulations and policymaking to protect workers from harmful technologies, see:

UC Berkeley Labor Center, Algorithms at Work

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