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Get Involved

The Partnership on AI seeks to engage all interested stakeholders to refine, test, and drive the adoption and evolution of all parts of the Guidelines for AI and Shared Prosperity, including the Job Impact Assessment Tool, the Responsible Practices, and Suggested Uses. We also seek to curate a library of learnings, use cases and examples, as well as partner with stakeholders to co-create companion resources to help make the Guidelines easier to use for their communities.

We will pursue these goals by means of stakeholder outreach, dedicated workshops, and limited implementation collaborations. If you’re interested in engaging with us on this work (including future events) or want to publicly endorse the Guidelines, fill out the “Get in Touch” form.

Guidelines for AI and Shared Prosperity

Partnership on AI needs your help to refine, test, and drive adoption of the Shared Prosperity Guidelines.

Fill out the form below to share your feedback on the Guidelines, ask about collaboration opportunities, and receive updates about events and other future work by the AI and Shared Prosperity Initiative.

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