Our Partners

Partnership on AI’s global, multi-sector Partner community comes together to create solutions so that AI advances positive outcomes for people and society.

Through dialogue, insight, education, and guidance, PAI informs responsible AI solutions and identifies opportunities to address humanity’s pressing challenges.

Partners participate in PAI’s work by:

  • Participating in  PAI convenings and sharing insights based on expertise and experience
  • Collaborating with the PAI Program and Research team and other Partners to develop resources, tools, and recommendations related to PAI areas of focus
  • Joining Programs’ Steering Committees, providing leadership and expertise in a specific subject matter
  • Applying research and best practices within your own organizations, including collaborating on pilot programs, adopting PAI recommendations, and sharing resources with colleagues
  • Supporting more effective public and policymaker education on various pressing AI policy issues
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Our 122 Partners around the globe