Our Team

Meet the people working to realize our vision of a future where AI empowers humanity by contributing to a more just, equitable, and prosperous world.

Board of Directors

Jatin Aythora

BBC Research & Development

Board appointment effective October 2022

Angela Glover Blackwell


Ben Coppin


Board appointment effective October 2022

William Covington

University of Washington School of Law

Board appointment effective October 2022

Jerremy Holland

Chair of the Finance Committee


Eric Horvitz

Chair of the Board


Ayanna Howard

The Ohio State University

Angela Kane

Vienna Center for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation

Board appointment effective October 2022

Prem Natarajan


Joelle Pineau

Meta AI

Board appointment effective October 2022

Carol Rose

Chair of the Nominations Committee


Francesca Rossi

Chair of the Audit Committee


Eric Sears

Vice-Chair of the Board

John D. And Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Nicol Turner Lee

Brookings Institute

Board appointment effective October 2022


Verity Harding


Bennett Institute for Public Policy

Dawn Janssen

Assistant Secretary

Partnership on AI


Aimee Bataclan

Senior Communications Manager

Stephanie Bell

Research Scientist

Andrea Cross

Director of Content and Communications

Christine Custis

Director of Programs and Research

Caitlin Dally

Head of Philanthropic Partnerships

Rebecca Finlay


Steven Garcia

Finance and Operations Lead

Dalia Hashim

Program Lead for AI and Media Integrity

Hudson Hongo


Stephanie Ifayemi

Head of Policy

Dawn Janssen

Executive Assistant to the CEO and Board Administrator

Sonam Jindal

Program Lead for AI, Labor and the Economy

Katya Klinova

Head of AI, Labor and the Economy

Claire Leibowicz

Head of AI and Media Integrity

Maria Manning

Chief Financial Officer

Cynthia Michel

Human Resources Lead

Jason Millar

Distinguished Research Director

Tina M. Park

Head of Inclusive Research and Design

Joshua Pikus

Communications & Events Coordinator

Sasha Ramsaw

Head of Human Resources

Adam Schetky

Executive Assistant

Timothy Sheehan

Data and CRM Lead

Penelope Sosa

Digital Communications Coordinator

Madhulika Srikumar

Program Lead for Safety Critical AI

Neil Uhl

Graphic Designer

Chris Vieulles

Operational Finance & Development Manager

Sarah Villeneuve

Program Lead for ABOUT ML and Fairness, Transparency, and Accountability

Research Fellows

Jiyoo Chang

Research Fellow

Surya Karunagaran

Research Fellow