Promoting Workforce Well-being in the AI-Integrated Workplace


Businesses around the world are increasingly introducing artificial intelligence (AI) into the workplace, unleashing a tremendous potential to boost productivity, enable new business models, improve safety, and assist workers. At the same time, this adoption engenders a host of risks to the well-being of the workforce, potentially exacerbating long-standing inequities in the treatment of workers.

“Framework for Promoting Workforce Well-being in the AI-Integrated Workplace” provides a conceptual framework and a set of tools to guide employers, workers, and other stakeholders towards promoting workforce well-being throughout the process of introducing AI into the workplace. This framework is not meant to be prescriptive in its approach. Rather, it is intended to be a tool to facilitate an inclusive dialogue across stakeholders — management, workers, unions, and technology developers – by highlighting priority areas of well-being for organizations to focus on and articulating a set of questions to further guide discussions and decision making.