Synthetic and Manipulated Content

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From deepfakes to generated text, advances in AI have increased the potential impact of synthetic and manipulated content on civil society and public discourse. These same advances, however, suggest novel solutions for combating content that misinforms, manipulates, harasses, or wrongfully persuades, whether AI-generated or not.

By convening stakeholders across the AI ecosystem, the Synthetic and Manipulated Content Workstream seeks to address key questions related to these developments, including:

  • How do we strengthen information integrity solutions, including the detection of manipulated and synthetic content? 
  • How can we ensure that the global information integrity community has the tools it needs to address synthetic and manipulated content?
  • How do we attend to the adversarial nature of this challenging area?


Responsible Practices for Synthetic Media

Explore PAI’s Responsible Practices for Synthetic Media, a framework on how to responsibly develop, create, and share synthetic media: the audiovisual content often generated or modified by AI.