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New Partners Bring Global Perspectives on AI Governance to Partnership on AI


Partnership on AI (PAI) is proud to welcome Data Economy Policy Hub (DepHUB), Fairly AI, and The Future Society to our Partner community. The three organizations, based in Canada, Europe, South Africa, and the United States, are the latest additions to PAI’s global community of 100+ Partner organizations. They bring unique and important perspectives on responsible AI development, including governance.

“AI tools and technologies are more accessible and popular than ever, making Partnership on AI’s mission of bringing diverse stakeholders together to advance responsible solutions even more urgent,” said Rebecca Finlay, CEO of Partnership on AI. “I welcome the experience and perspective that Data Economy Policy Hub, Fairly AI, and The Future Society bring to our community at this important time.”

Remarks from New Partners

“The DepHUB is committed to contributing to multidisciplinary public interest research and advocating for collective African voices, values, interests, visions, concerns, and expectations that should become part of the increasingly global discussion on responsible AI (RAI) governance,” said Shamira Ahmed, Founder and Executive Director at the Data Economy Policy Hub. “As a member of the global PAI community, we look forward to learning and collaborating with other organizations, researchers, and stakeholders to promote RAI practices and to address the complex challenges that arise from AI development and deployment in our interdependent global systems.”

“The true potential of AI can only be realized when we ensure it has been developed and deployed responsibly,” said David Van Bruwaene, Co-founder and CEO at Fairly AI. “We’re focused on accelerating responsible AI innovation and our partnership allows us to safeguard the use of AI systems for the betterment of society without minimizing innovation.”

“The team at The Future Society looks forward to working with PAI toward our shared objectives for better AI policies and improved industry practices,” said Nicolas Miailhe, Founder and President at The Future Society. “Given the growing capabilities of AI systems and their increasing proliferation across societies, this couldn’t be better timing for coordination and collaboration.”

About our New Partners

Data Economy Policy Hub

The Data Economy Policy Hub (DepHUB) is the first independent think-tank founded by an indigenous African woman in South Africa. We aim to influence and provide public interest recommendations for evidence-driven holistic inclusive digital transformation policy frameworks and contribute to the formulation of agile governance strategies that leverage responsible artificial intelligence for sustainable development (AI4SD) and data innovations in key growth-enhancing sectors, in sub Saharan-Africa (SSA).

Fairly AI

Fairly AI is on a mission to democratize safe, secure, and compliant AI. The Fairly AI Oversight and Risk Management Platform™ for enterprise and Fairly Asenion™ for small and mid-size businesses deliver Fast AI with Assurance, Integrity, and Reliability. Fairly’s patent-pending technology enables data scientists and policy experts to connect and collaborate, bridging the AI oversight gap seamlessly by making it easy to apply policies and controls to in-house and third-party AI systems.

The Future Society (TFS)

The Future Society (TFS) is an independent non-profit based in the United States and Europe with the mission to align AI through better governance. We envision a world where the rise of ever more powerful and general AI systems is safe and aligned with our fundamental human values. We focus our work on developing, advocating for, and implementing voluntary and non-voluntary governance mechanisms designed to reduce the risks posed by advanced AI systems.