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PAI Announces Google to Join Framework for Collective Action on Synthetic Media

SAN FRANCISCO – Today, Partnership on AI announced that Google has joined its Responsible Practices for Synthetic Media: A Framework for Collective Action, expanding the community of expertise dedicated to promoting responsible practices in the development, creation, and sharing of media created with generative AI.

“We are happy to welcome Google to the growing community of supporters for our Synthetic Media Framework,” said Rebecca Finlay, CEO at Partnership on AI. “Google’s commitment highlights the importance of taking action to minimize the risks of AI technology.”

The first-of-its-kind Framework was launched in February 2023 by PAI and backed by an inaugural cohort of launch partners including Adobe, BBC, CBC/Radio-Canada, Bumble, OpenAI, TikTok, WITNESS, and synthetic media startups Synthesia, D-ID, and Respeecher. In June 2023, Meta and Microsoft also joined as Framework supporters.

“Realizing AI’s many opportunities requires responsible practices from the start. We’re pleased to join the Partnership on AI’s Responsible Practices for Synthetic Media: A Framework for Collective Action to help develop and foster best practices across the industry.” said Laurie Richardson, VP, Trust and Safety at Google. “We’re taking a responsible approach to AI by helping people evaluate information online, and recently announced that we’ll soon be integrating watermarking, metadata, and other innovative techniques into our latest generative models.”

Google was a founding company for Partnership on AI in 2016 along with DeepMind, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and IBM to advance public understanding of AI, formulate best practices in the field, and support research on the social impact of the technology.

Partnership on AI’s Responsible Practices for Synthetic Media is a set of guiding recommendations for those creating, sharing, and distributing synthetic media – also known as AI-generated media. It was prompted by a belief among industry experts that the evolving landscape of synthetic media represents a new frontier for creativity and expression, but also holds troubling potential for misinformation and manipulation if left unchecked.

PAI worked with over 50 organizations to refine the Framework – including synthetic media startups, social media platforms and content platforms, news organizations, advocacy and human rights groups, academic institutions, policy professionals, experiential experts, and public commenters. The results of this effort build on PAI’s work over the past four years to evaluate challenges and opportunities for synthetic and manipulated media.

A PDF of the Framework can be found here.


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