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PAI Launches Interactive Project To Put Ethical AI Principles into Practice


As our community begins the complex process of translating ethical technology principles into organizational practice, PAI is working to identify the information and resources we all need.

As AI technologies continue to evolve at a rapid pace, individuals, organizations, and governments around the world are recognizing the importance of thoughtful and responsible AI development and deployment. PAI is part of a broader community working towards developing ethical technology principles, addressing issues such as fairness, transparency, accountability, human rights, and safety, and strive to put them to use. Operationalizing these principles is a complex process in relatively early stages, and currently, the gap between intent and practice is large, while documentation on learnings from experience remains lacking.

To help fill this gap, the Partnership on AI has initiated “Closing Gaps in Responsible AI” – a multiphase, multi-stakeholder project aimed at surfacing the collective wisdom of the community to identify salient challenges and evaluate potential solutions. These insights can in turn inform and empower the changemakers, activists, and policymakers working to develop and manifest responsible AI.

The first phase of our project is the Closing Gaps Ideation Game – an interactive ideation exercise that solicits experiences and insights from the technology community in order to collectively surface challenges and evaluate solutions.

The Closing Gaps Ideation Game is a visioning exercise in the form of an interactive game, designed to learn from the experiences and insights of the technology ethics community as they move through the process of operationalizing the principles and best practices for responsible AI. Participation is anonymous, as players collectively envision problem scenarios, identify the resources and information they wish they had, offer strategies, and evaluate proposals for impact and feasibility.

Practitioners often lack the institutional buy-in and resources to effectively lead responsible AI efforts. Even in instances where organizations have made responsible AI a priority, the roadmap for putting principles into practice is unclear or incomplete. Internal champions of responsible AI need practical resources to help navigate difficult decisions, trade-offs, and organizational change.

The Closing Gaps Ideation Game is designed to cast a wide net, identifying a wide range of problem areas, as well as existing and potential solutions. Our audience for this project is broad – including not only the individuals and teams officially tasked with operationalizing AI principles within an organization, but also those who have taken the initiative to lead responsible AI efforts, and others with a vested interest in bringing about change, such as advocacy organizations, policymakers, and activists.

As these organizations and individuals begin the complex process of translating ethical technology principles into organizational practice, our project seeks to identify the information and resources our community needs. Whether you are a novice or an expert in the process of implementing responsible AI, we encourage you to PLAY THE GAME.