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PAI Welcomes Four New Partners: Ada Lovelace, EY, Inflection AI, and North American Broadcasters Association


In 2023, we saw remarkable interest and activity in AI issues–from public and business interest in adoption of generative AI tools to governments advancing policies. Importantly, this included momentum on the development and adoption of best practices for safe and responsible AI.

Partnership on AI is excited to build on this momentum and continue our mission to bring together stakeholders from across sectors and industries to advance AI solutions that benefit people and society. As such, we are proud to welcome four new Partners: Ada Lovelace Institute, EY, Inflection AI, and North American Broadcasters Associate (NABA).

“This impressive group of new partners is a snapshot of the diverse perspectives required to ensure that developments in AI advance beneficial outcomes for people and communities,” said Rebecca Finlay, CEO, Partnership on AI. “As 2024 begins, I am very happy to welcome The Ada Lovelace Institute, EY, Inflection AI, and the North American Broadcasters Association to our extraordinary community of 113 Partners.”

The new Partners will collaborate on various initiatives across PAI such as PAI’s Guidance on Safe Foundation Model Deployment and our work on AI and media integrity, including at the intersection of AI and news.

“The Ada Lovelace Institute has a mission to ensure that data and AI works for people and society. We recognise that this challenge requires an inclusive and collaborative approach, working across sectors, disciplines and organisations, and amplifying diverse perspectives. We are excited to be joining the Partnership on AI at this pivotal moment for safe, responsible and trustworthy AI. We look forward to collaborating with the global PAI community to work towards our shared goal of a world in which the opportunities, benefits and privileges generated by AI are justly and equitably distributed and experienced.” – Fran Bennett, Interim Director, Ada Lovelace Institute

“We are thrilled to join Partnership on AI and look forward to working together to build confidence in AI and realize its exponential value for positive human impact. We share a common objective, which is to ensure the use of AI benefits all stakeholders and changes our world for the better.” – Nicola Morini Bianzino, Global Chief Technology Officer, EY

“At Inflection, safety sits at the heart of our mission and culture. People rightly expect that the technologies we bring into our lives should be safe, trustworthy, and reliable. Personal intelligence is no exception. We are dedicated to creating AI that is beneficial to society, and joining the Partnership on AI reinforces our commitment to this. We look forward to collaborating with other experts to advance our shared goal of promoting responsible AI development and deployment.” – Mustafa Suleyman, CEO and Co-founder, Inflection AI

“Artificial intelligence, and generative AI in particular, presents complex challenges for radio and television companies, especially in the areas of news and other public service media. As our members navigate these new risks and opportunities, the Partnership on AI’s “AI and Media Integrity Program” should offer us educational insights into this emerging chapter of information technology. We look forward to participating.” – Rebecca Hanson, Director-General, The North American Broadcasters Association