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Partnership on AI Welcomes Five New Partner Organizations, Expanding Global Reach


With AI tools continuing to grow in popularity and use among businesses and consumers around the globe, it is even more urgent to create a shared understanding across industries and sectors on the responsible development, deployment, and adoption of AI. To further its mission to build a cross-sectoral community to advance responsible AI, Partnership on AI welcomes five new Partner organizations: Alliance for Africa’s Intelligence, Allen & Overy LLP, Data Privacy Brasil, TechEquity Collaborative, and the Thomson Foundation.

“Advancing responsible practices in AI requires collective action from stakeholders across the globe and across the AI lifecycle ,” said Rebecca Finlay, CEO at Partnership on AI. “Our new Partners bring important perspectives from law, media, and technology, as well as civil society of Brazil and Africa. Their insights will add to the rich discourse on responsible AI and strengthen the Partnership’s pursuit of advancing this powerful technology in a way that centers people and benefits society.”

With this new cohort, PAI has a total of 114 Partner organizations across 18 countries, including 17 new partners in the past year. So far this year, the Partnership has grown in new industries, welcoming industry leaders in marketing and public relations (Interpublic Group), and the legal field (Allen & Overy LLP). PAI has also expanded its reach with new Partners organizations based in Africa (Alliance for Africa’s Intelligence, Data Economy Policy Hub), Europe (Institute for the Future of Work, The Future Society, Thomson Foundation) and South America (Data Privacy Brasil).

As AI becomes increasingly popular and accessible, including diverse stakeholders in conversations on AI’s real and potential impacts on society, potential socio-technical solutions, and AI governance will be key to creating a more just and equitable future.

“Our admission into PAI signifies PAI’s commitment to fostering worldwide collaboration in harnessing the immense potential of AI, humanity’s most remarkable innovation to date. As an organization rooted in the belief that AI can enhance the lives of all, we are honored to amplify the African voice and contribute to shaping the future of AI for the betterment of society.” – Alexander Tsado, Executive Director at Alliance for Africa’s Intelligence

“Allen & Overy is at the forefront of advising global businesses and organizations on how to safely deploy AI and navigate rapidly evolving AI laws. It’s a privilege to be PAI’s legal adviser in their important mission to promote the safe, accountable, and ethical use of AI.” – David Wakeling, Partner at Allen & Overy

“By being part of the vibrant and multistakeholder PAI’s platform, Data Privacy Brazil aims to contribute for challenging and necessary reflections on AI’s complex global governance issues, such as: what does it mean regulatory interoperability and how to achieve this without Global South countries, like Brazil, being legally colonized? Also, how does it effectively conciliate a rights-based to a risks based approach, and why such a normative equation is even more important to the global majority part of the world? There is AI’s governance and regulatory effervescence around the world and PAI is a nexus of it.” – Bruno Bioni, Founder and Director at Data Privacy Brasil

“As we’ve seen the hype for AI grow, a key element is missing in the conversation—AI is actually, deeply human. This is not only true in the way it’s built and powered, but also how it’s impacting real lives—from how people access housing to how we work today. We’re excited to join PAI as part of a diverse cohort of organizations working together to tackle this massive emergent tech challenge; we know that together we can ground the conversation in real human impact and also shape AI so it centers our collective humanity moving forward.” – Catherine Bracy, CEO and Co-Founder of TechEquity Collaborative

“We at Thomson are delighted to join PAI as a Partner. We work daily with media in some of the most challenging parts of the world as they supply trusted information to their local communities, underpinning vital democratic structures. How to use AI to combat harmful disinformation, and the role it plays in making media operations more sustainable, are but some of the important issues we look forward to collaborating on.” – Caro Kriel, CEO at Thomson Foundation