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Partnership on AI and USC Center for AI in Society To Advance Research and Deployment in Explainable Artificial Intelligence

The Partnership on AI today announced that USC Center for AI in Society has joined as a member of the Partnership to advance research efforts in Explainable AI (XAI) and Fairness, Transparency, and Accountability (FTA) in AI. As the Partnership on AI works to advance the development and deployment of responsible AI technologies, the addition of the USC Center for AI in Society strengthens the Partnership’s ability to incorporate a wide variety of perspectives and stakeholders into its work.

The Partnership builds on completed collaborations the two organizations had in XAI. Together, the two organizations previously held a workshop to help facilitate inter-stakeholder conversations around explainable machine learning. USC Center for AI in Society’s participation in this workshop contributed to the development of the paper, “Machine Learning Explainability for External Stakeholders.”

“The perspectives that the USC Center for AI in Society brings to the conversation are crucial in ensuring that multi-stakeholder efforts in explainable AI produce real-world impact,” said Madhulika Srikumar, program lead at the Partnership on AI. “We’re excited by the expertise the USC Center for AI in Society adds to this mission and work.”

“The USC Center for AI in Society has so many shared values and goals with the Partnership on AI: specifically the focus on stakeholder engagement, fairness, equity and transparency, as well as the focus on using AI for Social Good with CAIS working on helping to alleviate homelessness, inform public health issues, and address sustainability challenges,” shared Bistra Dilkina, co-Director of the USC Center for AI in Society. “We are looking forward to engaging even more deeply with the Partnership on AI and the amazing network of organizations that are involved to provide thought leadership on how AI can effectively benefit people and society.”

The two organizations will continue this mission-driven work to empower product developers, designers, domain practitioners & experts, and CSOs to develop a holistic strategy to improve AI-assisted decision making. Stay tuned for more updates as this work unfolds.

About the USC Center for AI in Society

The primary goal of the USC Center for Artificial Intelligence in Society (CAIS) is to develop, test, iterate, and demonstrate how AI can be used to tackle the most difficult societal problems. We believe that this can best be achieved by a genuine partnership between computer science, operations research, social work, and community partners. USC CAIS is a joint venture between the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work and the USC Viterbi School of Engineering. When we consider what problems to tackle, we focus our efforts on low-resource communities both here in the United States and globally. Currently our projects focus on 7 core areas: (1) homelessness, (2) suicide prevention, (3) substance abuse treatment and prevention, (4) conservation and sustainability, (5) promoting health and well-being, (6) disaster planning and community resilience, and (7) fairness, equity and bias.

About Partnership on AI

The Partnership on AI is the leading forum addressing the most important and difficult decisions on the future of AI. We are a non-profit that invites diverse voices into the process of technical governance, design, and deployment of AI technologies. Our essential Partners work together across industry, academia, and civil society to understand the implications of AI advancements and ensure they benefit society equitably. Through dialogue, insight, education, and guidance, PAI informs responsible AI solutions and identifies opportunities to address humanity’s pressing challenges.