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Partnership on AI Launches New Initiative to Guide Philanthropies on AI for Positive Social Impact

MARCH 19, 2024, New York City – Today, Partnership on AI, a nonprofit community of academic, civil society, and industry organizations addressing the most difficult questions on the future of AI, announced the launch of its AI & Philanthropy Steering Committee, a pivotal new initiative fostering collaboration, dialogue, and action at the intersection of artificial intelligence and philanthropy.

“Advancements in AI are affecting many of the systemic social and economic issues that philanthropies seek to address. By bringing together leaders from industry and civil society with the philanthropic community, PAI’s AI & Philanthropy Steering Committee will foster a shared understanding of the possibilities for developments in AI to contribute to a more equitable and prosperous future,” said Rebecca Finlay, CEO at Partnership on AI. “When we harness collective intelligence, we unlock new and innovative ways to make real change happen.”

The primary purpose of the AI & Philanthropy Steering Committee is to define and guide philanthropic initiatives that leverage AI for positive social impact. The committee will dedicate its time to the broad spectrum of challenges and opportunities AI presents to the philanthropic and nonprofit landscape, comprising a diverse assembly of industry, philanthropy, nonprofit community leaders, academia and subject matter experts.

“At The Annie E. Casey Foundation, we’re eager to be in conversation about how best to manage both the opportunities and risks with the growth of AI,” said Stephen Plank, Vice President – Research, Evaluation, Evidence and Data at The Annie E. Casey Foundation. “As we join the AI & Philanthropy Steering Committee, we believe that AI has the potential to enhance the lives of children, families and communities, as long as we keep their well-being in mind.”

“At the Surdna Foundation, we are committed to advancing social justice and strengthening democracy through our grantmaking,” said Jonathan Goldberg, Vice President of Learning & Impact, Surdna Foundation. “We recognize that artificial intelligence is a powerful force that can shape the future of our society and the well-being of our priority populations. That is why we are proud to support the Partnership on AI and its efforts to foster ethical and responsible AI development and use across the philanthropic sector and beyond.”

Inaugural members of the AI & Philanthropy Steering Committee include:

  • Lilian Coral (New America)
  • Anamitra Deb (Omidyar Network)
  • Kay Firth-Butterfield (Good Tech Advisory)
  • Jonathan Goldberg (Surdna Foundation)
  • Brigitte Gosselink (Google.org)
  • Joan Harrington (Markkula Center for Applied Ethics)
  • Janet Haven (Data & Society)
  • Tia Hodges (MetLife Foundation)
  • Jeff Jiménez-Kurlander (Surdna Foundation)
  • Amba Kak (AI Now Institute)
  • Lori McGlinchey (Ford Foundation)
  • Aiden Peppin (Cohere)
  • Stephen Plank (The Annie E. Casey Foundation)
  • Trooper Sanders (Benefits Data Trust)
  • Andrew Strait (Ada Lovelace Institute)
  • Martin Tisné (AI Collaborative)
  • Helen Zhang (Schmidt Futures)