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Partnership on AI Strengthens Cross-Sectoral Community with Four New Partner Organizations


As AI development and adoption accelerates, the need for coordinated collective action to develop AI responsibly is more important than ever. In our continued effort to meet this challenge, Partnership on AI strengthens its cross-sectoral community with the addition of four new Partners: Credo AI, Institute for the Future of Work (IFOW), Internet Archive, and Interpublic Group (IPG). The new Partner organizations contribute to the diversity of perspectives within the PAI community, adding valuable points of view from the startup community, civil society, and the advertising and marketing industry.

“Today, I am delighted to welcome Credo AI, Institute for the Future of Work, Internet Archive, and IPG,” said Rebecca Finlay, CEO at Partnership on AI. “They each bring valuable and unique insights from different vantage points across the AI lifecycle: governance solutions, worker inclusion, online information integrity, creativity and marketing innovation. Ensuring AI benefits everyone requires collective attention and action of leaders, such as the 105 Partners who make-up the PAI network.”

With this new cohort, the number of new Partners joining PAI over the last year has risen to 12 with more Partner approvals underway before the end of 2023.

Since 2016, PAI has been engaging our diverse multistakeholder community to identify AI’s most important challenges and opportunities, and co-develop practical, effective guidance for responsible AI. In 2023, we are using this guidance to help establish industry-wide norms, recruiting actors across sectors to create a community of practice around responsible AI.

“Partnership on AI is a flagship organization which, since its founding, has had an exclusive focus on addressing AI’s most important challenges. Their deep expertise in addressing these challenges with actionable recommendations makes them an ideal partner for Credo AI. It is critical that industry leaders share best practices and insights amongst the wider Responsible AI community, and channel these shared insights to leaders in government globally. We are thrilled to announce our membership in Partnership on AI, whose preeminent work to address AI-specific challenges – like their Responsible Practices for Synthetic Media – helps us to better guide the design of AI technologies. We are excited for all that we can achieve together!” said Navrina Singh, Founder and CEO at Credo AI.

“We are looking forward to collaborating with Partnership on AI and sharing the work that we are doing at the intersection of governance, academia and industry to help innovation and social good advance together. In particular, we are keen to share our own insights around how to manage risks to good work through the introduction of new technologies, such as our Good Work Algorithmic Impact Assessment – and to learn from the work of PAI’s Shared Prosperity program,”’ said Dr. Abby Gilbert, Director of Praxis at IFOW.

“Libraries, archives, and other stewards of primary resources, culture, information, and data are essential players in ensuring the development of AI tools and systems that advance an equitable society. We are excited to join the PAI community and to work collaboratively to advance AI for the public good,” said Jefferson Bailey, Director, Archiving & Data Services at Internet Archive.

“Artificial intelligence will continue to have a powerful impact on our industry as a catalyst for creativity. It’s crucial to balance fluency in AI tools with an understanding of their impact on human issues, like bias, misinformation and security, Joining PAI will help IPG and our clients prioritize equity and humanity while continuing to adopt these technologies in a broad way across our organizations,” said Philippe Krakowsky, CEO at IPG.