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Partnership on AI Welcomes New Partners Capital One, Creative Commons, and Prolific


As the potentially vast societal impact of AI becomes more widely understood, the need for responsible AI development and deployment is more apparent than ever. Ensuring AI benefits everyone will require collective action by actors working together across sectors and borders, including those inside and outside of the AI industry.

Partnership on AI, continuing our mission to bring together diverse stakeholders to advance responsible AI, welcomes new Partners: Capital One, Creative Commons, and Prolific. The new Partner organizations add valuable perspectives from civil society, the financial services sector, and the startup community.

“I am proud to welcome Capital One, Creative Commons, and Prolific into our Partner community,” said Rebecca Finlay, CEO, Partnership on AI. “The collective knowledge of our Partner community has been essential in developing PAI’s best practices and recommendations, and will be essential in bringing these frameworks into practice. We look forward to the insights the new Partners will bring from their respective sectors as we continue conversations on how AI can benefit people and society. ”

The new Partners will join our global network of more than 100 organizations that collaborate with PAI to identify AI’s most important challenges and opportunities and co-develop practical, effective guidance for responsible AI.

“At Capital One, our founding as a company was based on using technology, data, and analytics to tailor products and services to customers’ needs and democratize access to credit. Today, AI and ML are foundational to how we continue to deliver value for our customers and our business — and we have a strong belief in multidisciplinary, multi-stakeholder frameworks and partnerships to advance the frontiers of AI. We are thrilled to join the PAI community to contribute to thoughtful, responsible, and transformational developments in AI to help unlock broad societal benefits and opportunities.” – Prem Natarajan, PhD, EVP, Chief Scientist & Head of Enterprise AI, Capital One

“Creative Commons is pleased to join the Partnership on AI and lend an additional civil society voice to critical dialogues regarding the future of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on open access to knowledge and culture in the public interest.” –Anna Tumadóttir, Interim CEO, Creative Commons

“I am proud to announce our partnership with the Partnership On AI, a leader in ethical AI development. This collaboration reinforces our dedication to advancing artificial intelligence responsibly and in alignment with human values.” – Phelim Bradley, CEO, Prolific