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Updated bylaws expand size and grow diversity of voices on Board


Since our founding in 2016, Partnership on AI (PAI) has grown into a thriving global community of over 100 Partners. Our multistakeholder community is bringing diverse voices together across global sectors, disciplines, and demographics so developments in AI advance positive outcomes for people and society. Today, we are pleased to announce updates to our bylaws that reflect our growth, affirm our independence and increase the diversity of perspectives on the Board from across our Partnership.

“I’m excited about this update to our bylaws. PAI’s unique multistakeholder model has been critically important in drawing together voices and expertise from multiple sectors on a shared mission of understanding and guiding the influence of AI technologies on people and society. We’re working to extend our board to better represent the rich diversity of our Partnership, especially as we move into the next phase of building a resilient and impactful organization,” said Eric Horvitz, Chief Scientific Officer of Microsoft and PAI Board Chair.

The primary governance change is the expansion of the size and diversity of PAI’s Board of Directors. Facilitated by its Nominations Committee, the Board plans to grow to 18 members over the next three years, with the option for more growth thereafter.

“PAI’s growth and independence are crucial to our important mission of ensuring that AI is developed to enhance and protect, rather than threaten, human rights and civil liberties.” said Carol Rose, Chair of Nominations Committee for the PAI Board and Executive Director of the ACLU of Massachusetts. “Including diverse voices and perspectives from around the world is necessary to drive the collective action required for real change. “

The updated bylaws guarantee that the Board will maintain a multistakeholder balance of directors from public benefit entities (including nonprofit, public and academic organizations) and for profit entities. The update also ensures that for profit entities are not limited to those from PAI’s Founding Partner companies but inclusive of all types of for profit entities.

“PAI’s unique multistakeholder convenings and resources and our collective work to advance change in practice, policy and public understanding have never been more important,” said CEO Rebecca Finlay. “I am thankful to the Board for their leadership in updating our bylaws to reflect our growing organization and in affirming their commitment to PAI’s diversity and independence.”

Over the past five years, it has become clear how valuable multistakeholder organizations can be – not just for the community concerned with ethics in AI but on a global scale, with movements working to secure individual freedoms, social justice, and a sustainable planet.

These bylaw changes reflect PAI’s unique and collective contribution as a multistakeholder community to bring together diverse voices and perspectives, in pursuit of our mission and vision.