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Partnership on AI Welcomes Rohit Prasad, SVP and Head Scientist at Amazon, to its Board of Directors


Partnership on AI is pleased to announce that Rohit Prasad, SVP and Head Scientist for Amazon Artificial General Intelligence, has joined its Board of Directors. At Amazon, Prasad leads a team that is responsibly advancing the company’s generative AI technologies, including Amazon’s most expansive multimodal Large Language Models.

The PAI Board of Directors is made up of highly respected leaders from civil society, industry, and academia who are committed to our mission of bringing diverse voices together to ensure advancements in AI benefit people and society. Through their volunteer leadership, they provide strategic guidance, oversight, and inspiration to the organization.

“The vision of PAI to enact AI frameworks that builds a better future with AI, is strongly aligned with my own professional goals,” said Rohit Prasad, SVP and Head Scientist of Amazon Artificial General Intelligence and PAI Board Member. “I’m thrilled to be joining the board during this critical time of rapidly improving AI advancements and help lay the groundwork for responsible AI development and deployment on a global scale.”

“I am truly fortunate to work with a Board that is committed to ensuring that AI is built to advance a more just, equitable, and prosperous world.” said Rebecca Finlay, CEO at Partnership on AI. “I am delighted to have Rohit join and bring his perspective, experience, and passion for this work.”

PAI is an independent, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and funded by charitable contributions from philanthropy and corporate entities. The Board has a balance of volunteer leaders based at public benefit organizations (e.g. civil society organizations, academia, public broadcasters) and industry. We will be continuing to grow the global reach and diversity of our Board directors in 2024.